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"I am no longer looking for a formal ideal but I have the impression that I am moving towards this ideal through a whole synthesis of experiences. And I do not think that Leonard's reflection is more or less important. than the feeling of Michelangelo. I mean by that, that there is nothing essential or important because everything is important.


What interests me is to create what does not exist, hence my constant annoyance when I am asked  "  what this or that of my sculptures represents  ". To this question I have only one answer  : it's my sculpture  !  "."

Daniele Bragoni

2008 Memoriale
2008 Bragoni nel memoriale
2016 nouvel atelier a Bettembourg
2013 Montage de Iustizia a Luxembourg
1999 Bragoni in laboratorio a Carrara
Bragoni en Chine 2002
2016 Installazione a Vianden
daniele bragoni
2013 Daniele e Fulvio in segheria
Photo Daniele 1_edited
2013 Montage Iustizia a Luxembourg
2008 Bragoni alla Nimarm
Bragoni en Chine 2002 Pekin
2013 seance photo cher Cozza_edited

Italian sculptor Daniele Bragoni "  work  »Marble for many years. The term "  work  »Used here to define his actions as a sculptor has a very precise meaning. This means that his sculptural method brings him to the heart of the matter. He seeks and succeeds in inscribing the form inside the block of marble and models in depth as much by the curve as by the geometry.

From the Italian school, he keeps in his thoughts the Michelangelesque emotion in parallel with the Leonardoian spatial organization. History does not leave him, without freezing him. It is for him a base of intellectual knowledge to understand the evolution of the world.

But what does a work by Bragoni include  ?

I will answer this  : Being in evolution

Without giving a figurative form, using emotion, movement, space and dimension, Daniele Bragoni «  recount  »His perception of the world and that of man in society. This is probably why his major works are always intimately linked to the places where they are installed. And better than installed, we can really say "  integrated  "  !

The preparation of the public work, he studies it in a well-defined process  because the sculpture must "  be part  Of its environment. Hence, the history of the place, its architectures, its spaces as well as the indigenous population and their expectations, come into account for integration.

His preparatory drawings show the presence of a Being, because more than a mathematical reference, it becomes a human reference.

As for the material, he likes it because it corresponds to him, gives it what he asks of it as much for form as for color, since Daniele Bragoni uses a wide variety of marble from various countries and continents. But it is also its durability that attracts it, and the possibilities that without maintenance over time, the aging of the stone can only improve. In addition, it is an ecological material that does not “  made  »Not because it comes from nature and embellishes a city.

By Jaeger Chantal

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